Bascom Arizona Ventures

History & Overview

Investment Strategy

Target Markets & Investment Criteria

Glenn Daiutolo, Managing Director of Bascom Arizona Ventures, LLC (“BAZV”), has over 35 years of Arizona multifamily experience.
Involved in over 20,000+ apartment units in Arizona.
Since its inception in 2004, BAZV has acquired 52 properties totaling 16,640 units with an average complex size of 320 units, and a total capitalization of $1.504B (including $188M in renovations).
Impeccable closing track record; closed 52 out of 53 transactions (98%).
Completed $188M, or $10,687 per unit, in renovations at or below budget and within the renovation schedule.
Previous partners/lenders include: Oaktree Capital, Morgan Stanley, Fortress, GE Capital, KeyBank, Lehman Brothers, Mass Mutual Life/Babson Capital, Rockwood Capital, Citigroup, Comerica, and Wells Fargo.
BAZV sold its Phoenix multifamily portfolio (12 properties – 5,178 units) at the peak of the cycle in June 2007 for a record price in Arizona; $427.5M.
Small and efficient operation of 5 team members (Glenn, Mark Brotherton (asset manager), Bill Wright (renovations), Joe Daiutolo (acquisitions), and Marko Boyko (renovations).

To repeat the extremely successful value added investment strategy Bascom Arizona Ventures, LLC (“BAZV”) executed during the previous two cycles. Target properties are those that require renovations, recapitalization, and repositioning.

Principals & Managing Partners

Our managing partners maintain core expertise in each of the fundamental service disciplines we offer. They share a common vision and exhibit a broad and diverse perspective which results in a strong, successful leadership at our firm.

Contact Information

Scottsdale Office
9933 E. Bell Rd, Suite 110
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Tel: 480-315-1200, Extension 1

Value Added Situations

Properties/owners that are financially distressed and have deferred maintenance or new construction experiencing soft absorption and struggling with lease up.


Scottsdale, Chandler, Arrowhead Ranch, Gilbert, Tempe, East Mesa, Glendale (newest areas), Flagstaff, Tucson, and Prescott.

Mid-Atlantic States

Preferably, within a two-hour drive of Philadelphia.

Product Type

B to A+, 1990 and newer (preferably, but will consider older).

Deal Size

Single assets (preferably, over 200 units) to very large portfolios.

Listed and Off-Market Transactions

BAZV will review all listed properties, but prefers off-market transactions.  BAZV will protect Brokers who present previously unseen, off-market deals.


Anticipated renovations of $7,000 to $20,000 per unit depending on age and property condition; potentially $20,000-$40,000 for certain situations.


We protect capital while exceeding client expectations.
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