Local Community

We pride ourselves in serving the needs of our investor clients and partners, while simultaneously improving the living experience of the people and families that call our communities home.

We strive to offer enriching events and experiences for our residents and the communities in which we operate. These local community initiatives include Bascom-sponsored educational seminars, town hall meetings, after school programs, crime watch meetings, employment fairs, and fundraising drives for local charities.

In our implementation of these social programs, we demonstrate our commitment to social equity and rebuilding communities, one family tree at a time. 

"Management and this job has taken care of me financially and taught me skills that are priceless in society today that will help me forever."
AMC Employee, Nevada

Recent Events

Lt. Col. Grossman speaking events

“I feel appreciated by Bascom and enjoy the community events and competitions…they are fun!”

AMC Employee, Colorado

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