Bascom’s Foundation

In 1996, Derek Chen, Jerome Fink, and David Kim founded The Bascom Group, LLC (“Bascom”), a private equity firm specializing in multifamily, commercial, non-performing loans, and real estate related investments and operating companies. Bascom sources value-add and distressed properties through foreclosure, bankruptcy, or short sales, and repositions them by adding extensive capital improvements, improving revenue, and reducing expenses using institutional-quality property management.

We protect capital while exceeding client expectations.

Bascom’s Core Strength

Our core strength is derived from a continuous focus on customer satisfaction. By focusing on its key competencies, the company has developed leadership and experience in various disciplines to drive product quality and over-deliver on client expectations. Bascom operates for the long-term continuity by focusing on integrity and partner alignment.

Bascom’s Success

Bascom has completed over $18.8B in multifamily value-added transactions since 1996, including 333 multifamily community acquisitions and 86,944 units.

Bascom’s subsidiaries and joint ventures include:

  • Bascom Arizona Ventures, LLC
  • Bascom Northwest Ventures, LLC
  • Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors I, LLC
  • Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors II, LLC
  • Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors III, LLC
  • Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors IV, LLC
  • Bascom Value Added Apartment Investors V, LLC
  • Harbor Associates, LLC
  • Premier Workspaces, LLC
  • Real Estate Development Associates, LLC
  • Shubin Nadal & Associates, LLC
  • Spirit Bascom Ventures, LLC
  • The Realm Group, LLC
  • Village Partners Ventures, LLC

* as of April 2021